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Cooking Bass and red mullet croustillants with potatoes

Cooking Bass and red mullet croustillants with potatoes-admin
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Recipe Description

- This is one of the simplest and tastiest recipes which can be prepared in just 20 minutes. The entire secret lies in its cooking method. Red mullet fillet is required to be cooked with due diligence as it can’t be overcooked. This is because if it is overcooked then the entire dish will lose its delicious taste. Attention must be paid while cooking vegetables in order to obtain a mouthwatering dish as a final result. Red mullet fillet is categorized as a round and white colored fish but provides rich and satisfying flavor than other ones which have high fat content in them. Its taste is sometimes compared to the flavor of shellfish. Mainly, two types of red mullet fillets are used in Britain. Just like their name, both of these are red in color but one has an appealing mottled body while the other one has thin yellow colored band which runs around its body. Both of them are small and have weight of around 500gms, liver of this fish is a true delicacy in its own. It is even more delicious when grilled and served with lively sauce like salsa verde. It can also be cooked, baked or shallow-fried.

Recipe Details
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Cooking Bass and red mullet croustillants with potatoes
Servings: 4 People
Preparation time in minutes:  20
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Recommended wine with the dish:
Domaine Leccia

Cooking Recipe Ingredients
  • 2 red mullet fillets, 0.66 lbs. each
  • 2 bass fillets, 0.66-0.88 lbs. each,
  • 4 large potatoes (Charlotte)
  • 1.76 oz. butter (for the croustillants)
  • 4 mature tomatoes
  • 2.8 oz. butter (for the tomato emulsion)
  • Salt, pepper, salt flower
  • 4 small pieces of chervil
Cooking recipe preparation instructions
– 1 – For preparing croustillants, grate potatoes and place a thin potato layer in a circle shape over a non-stick plate. 2 – Cover these croustillants with 3 ½ tablespoons of already melted butter. 3 – For seasoning, cook croustillants at temperature of 180 degrees F for 10 minutes. 4 – For preparing emulsion of fresh tomato, mix tomatoes and strain its pulp. Now boil this pulp in a saucepan made of copper. 5 – Add 5 ½ tablespoons of butter and beat it well. You can make use of an electric mixer for preparing it. 6 – Now another part of seasoning is to be prepared. For this take warm sauce. 7 - Take one pan and put some amount of olive oil into it and then sear fillets of fish into it. Once the fillets have been cooked well, add sauce to it. 8 – For presentation, take one serving dish and place red mullet fillet in its center. Now put croustillants made with potatoes on top of it. Carry on same preparation method with bass as well. 9 – Now cover one of the fillets with fresh emulsion of tomato and place other pieces of fillets as it is. 10 – Your dish is ready. Serve it with Domaine Leccia wine for perfect meal. More exclusive recipes made out of fillets can be known by you by visiting


Re: Cooking Bass and red mullet croustillants with potatoes

It is yet indeed the simplest and tastiest recipe that is featured. The ingredients are very affordable and with these ingredients, even for those who are saving money, it will be the perfect dish for a special dinner.


I disagree when you said that this is the simplest recipe. And 'tastiest'? What does that mean? To clear things out, this recipe was not featured here. It was only included in the category. This is not also the simplest recipe. There other recipes out there that are lighter to make.

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