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Cooking Seafood pot-au-feu with Vegetables

Cooking Seafood pot-au-feu with Vegetables-admin
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Recipe Description

Seafood is liked by most of the people, including scallops, prawns, filets, fish fillets, etc. Seafood gives you an opportunity to enjoy original flavor of the sea species, crunchy and delicious. Seafood Pot-au-feu with Vegetables contains vegetables, meat and broth, a great combination of food stuffs. Broth is a thick soup which is prepared by stewing fish and vegetables. This is a time-honored French soup containing white wine and fish. Now, coming to the Pot-au-feu, it is a popular French beef stew. In many countries, it is used to prepare a variety of recipes using local ingredients. The variation allowed makes it possible to prepare hundreds of recipes. It contains beef, cartilaginous meat (marrowbone and oxtail), vegetables and spices. The vegetables include turnips, carrots, celery, leeks and onions. You can use spices like salt, bouquet garni, cloves and black pepper. Let’s start with its preparation.

Recipe Details
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Cooking Seafood pot-au-feu with Vegetables
Servings: 4 People
Preparation time in minutes:  20
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Recommended wine with the dish:
Coteaux daix blanc

Cooking Recipe Ingredients
  • 2 sole fillets
  • 0.7 lbs. bass (fillet)
  • 4 scallops
  • 4 prawn
  • 2.5 cups fish fumet (stock)
  • 0.63 cups olive oil
  • 3 star-shaped anise
  • Thyme and laurel
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 zucchini
  • 4 fennel
  • 4 carrots
  • 4 Paris mushrooms (champignons de Paris)
  • 1 lemon juice
  • Salt, pepper
Cooking recipe preparation instructions
First of all, cut the sole filets in equal parts and then slice bass pieces (4) into fillets. Now, clean them properly and prepare prawn and scallops. Place 2 tomatoes into boiling water for about 10 seconds take them out and put in icy cool water in order to refresh them. This will help you to pull off their skin with great ease. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and carefully remove its seeds using a knife. Now, take a plate and place some tomato leafs with olive oil, pepper, salt, laurel and thyme. Place them in the oven at 195°F for 4 hours so that you are prepared with preserved tomatoes. This is the time to place the fish fumet in a saucepan. Add pepper, salt, olive oil, laurel and thyme to the saucepan. Let the entire stuff boil for few seconds. Now, add the fennel, zucchini, Paris mushrooms and carrots to the material. Let it cook for few minutes and take out all the vegetables. After removing all the vegetables, add the sole, bass, prawns and scallops inside, cook them again. When you find that your fish is cooked, put those vegetables back to the saucepan along with preserved leafs of tomato. Your dish is almost prepared because you are left only with garnishing part. For a wonderful presentation, put the vegetables and the fish in a concave serving dish. Add little amount of lemon juice before pouring bouillon on your dish. Adjust seasoning according to your taste and serve hot. It takes only 20 minutes to prepare this delicious recipe. In order to obtain additional information, visit

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